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At Chisholm & Winch, we specialise in operational refurbishment, working around the needs of occupiers in settings as diverse as offices, data centres and airports. As an agile team with in-house trades, we can schedule work around the normal routines of occupiers, ensuring minimal disruption.

Our expert approach includes experienced project management, scheduling and programme delivery. To limit disruption in certain environments, we also provide out of hours working where required, phased programmes and sectional completions, as well as effective segregation of the work area with facilities returning to use as soon as possible.

Here are some other key ways in which we minimise downtime and disruption during commercial renovation projects.

Planning Ahead

Developing a comprehensive plan that includes realistic timelines and a detailed outline of the renovation helps to reduce risk and potential downtime. This is because we have experienced in-house managers that plan every project down to the very last detail, so we know exactly what is being projected and what can be delivered. It’s vital that timings and budgets are communicated to all stakeholders, including employees and customers, so that everyone is aware of the upcoming changes.

Access considerations and service diversions to enable business as usual M&E provision must also be planned in advance and can be provided by our team of specialists. This not only reduces risk but enables real time agile programme management in response to occupier requirements.

Set Realistic Expectations

We communicate openly with our clients and set realistic targets from the outset to ensure all parties recognise there could be unexpected delays or issues and reassure them that we are equipped to deal with these. In doing this, we can minimise the impact of any delays to ensure everyone involved in the planning and delivery of works is well prepared, and our clients are safe in the knowledge their assets are secure and the project remains on track.

Experience and Quality

Hiring experienced contractors is crucial when it comes to minimising disruption and downtime during a commercial renovation project. At Chisholm & Winch, we manage our own staff to ensure a streamlined programme of works. Knowing which materials work well, how they are installed and the durability and sustainability of products, are all key considerations and help reduce the projects overall timeline.

Projects in Focus

We have more than five decades of experience working within sensitive, live environments such as airports which requires specialist skills to minimise disruption and avoid downtime.

We completed a major improvement programme at Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant site in London. The site had to remain open during all phases of works, which first included the refurbishment of the former basement sorting office areas and vacant space into contemporary offices.

For the second phase – which saw Chisholm & Winch construct and fit-out a new gatehouse, new docking bay extensions and the installation of roller shutters – the site once again had to remain fully operational throughout.

The third and final phase involved many varied works including the provision of a steel framed masonry and glass block wall along with a green wall feature.

Chisholm & Winch has worked collaboratively with the scheme’s other delivery partners to ensure the sequencing of works enabled efficient progress while allowing business as usual activities for the client.

We also have vast experience within the airport sector. Airport refurbishment, upgrades and maintenance are so embedded in our service offering that we have a dedicated Heathrow Management and Supervisory Team working at Britain’s biggest and busiest airport, both air-side and passenger side.

With full security clearance, our team has a solid track record of carrying out projects safely and efficiently while the airport remains fully operational. Whether at Heathrow or one of the UK’s many other airports, our team has all the expertise needed to work in an aviation environment and other live environments like this.