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The refurbishment of a data centre is a mission-critical endeavour that can shape the success of the end client’s business. Chisholm & Winch stand at the forefront of this dynamic sector, armed with a track record that speaks volumes.

Here are some key considerations during data hall fit out, and how to overcome some of the potential challenges that may arise during these huge infrastructure projects:

The Art of Precision

Meticulous planning is paramount. The placement of mechanical and electrical equipment requires a level of accuracy that leaves no room for error during data centre fit out. At Chisholm & Winch, we approach each project with precision as our guiding principle. Our dedicated project managers carefully coordinate every aspect of the job; ensuring seamless integration of equipment within the designated spaces. Any potential risk is mitigated and eliminated through scrupulous planning. 

Seamless Programme of Works

Adhering to a well-structured programme of works is the cornerstone of successful data centre projects. Our commitment to maintaining this rigorous schedule is unwavering. Whether it’s refurbishment, change of use or new construction, we work closely with principal contractors and the end client to stay on track. 

Our project managers act as consistent points of contact, ensuring lead times and product deliveries align. This approach extends to both exterior and interior work, guaranteeing a holistic solution that accommodates all stages of the project. 

A recent project of ours in West London with T Clarke is a great example of our data centre experience and execution of works. We are now working on phase four of the project, having successfully delivered the previous three phases of the project, which overall includes civil engineering, groundworks, concrete, structural steelwork, external cladding, internal fit-out, firewall and door construction and installation. This is a £10 million project expansion of the existing data centre, that is due to complete in Winter 2023.

Single Point Accountability 

Data centre projects can sometimes be plagued by accountability issues. At Chisholm & Winch, we always bring a solution to the table. Our retained team of skilled project managers and tradespeople collaborate smoothly, ensuring quality, cost management and on-time programme delivery. The two critical factors we emphasise are logistics and coordination. With suitable permit-to-work management systems in place, we guarantee safe and efficient execution.

End-to-End Solutions

The realm of data centres can be intricate, demanding and extensive, requiring an array of specialised skills. Choosing a fit out partner that has end-to-end solutions for the entire project is highly beneficial, and decreases the risk of costly errors. Provision of a holistic solution from design stage, through to installation and sign-off, means a single point of contact and a company that accommodates all stages of the project. 

Thanks to our five decades of experience as both a general contractor and fit-out specialist, we have the flexibility and expertise to carry out works with minimal disruption to our clients. Working with a company that offers a full service also helps to save time and money on a project, reducing potential downtime and the chasing of materials, whilst eliminating the need to source multiple subcontractors for different stages of the project. 

We offer added-value ancillary services like fire safety protection which also saves time and cost. We care about a project’s success beyond just installation; guaranteeing a comprehensive and successful project delivery. 

The Benefits of Collaboration

Our legacy in data centre fit out has equipped us to thrive in this growing sector. We focus on added value, with market knowledge driving our streamlined planning and of course, a skilled team that truly cares about its clients and the benefits of collaboration and effective communication all the way through.