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You want to work with a fit-out company that takes a collaborative approach, meets budget requirements but doesn’t compromise on quality. So, here are some top tips to consider when choosing the right fit-out partner for your project. 

Listening and understanding 

One of the most important considerations when selecting a fit-out company is them being able to understand and adapt to the client’s specific constraints and requirements. This means getting under the skin of the client’s business and culture, and being flexible when it comes to design and installation needs.

An experienced and knowledgeable fit-out company should have enough flair to propose ideas and concepts that the client may not have even thought of; making areas of the building something they can really be proud of. 

End to end solutions

Working with a company that offers end-to-end solutions is also invaluable. At Chisholm & Winch, we have in-house experts with specialist market knowledge who can help right from design stage. We not only know our materials but can manage the supply chain to ensure the cost and buildability of products are right – especially in today’s current climate of potentially long lead times – whilst factoring in whole life costs. It’s also important to consider a team that can provide accountability with expert in-house installers to deliver the fit-out, meaning no extra hidden costs are acquired from subcontracting third party installers. 

Market knowledge

This is key when it comes to making your budget work harder, and trusting your fit-out partner. At Chisholm & Winch, we have a vast portfolio of suppliers within our network to call upon, ensuring the best solution is specified. Meticulous planning and early engagement methods mean we can manage the supply chain to seek cost effective product alternatives where required – to fit the brief whilst maximising budget. 

Adding value

It’s important to consider a fit-out company’s ability to provide additional services, such as fire safety protection; their ability to maintain business as usual in operating environments; as well as specialist experience when it comes to niche sectors (like airports and data halls). We’ve got all of this covered at Chisholm & Winch, ensuring the client receives a comprehensive, safe and reliable service.

How we can help

With 50 years’ experience under our belt, we know a lot about best practice and how to deliver for our clients. Much of our work comes from long term customers who trust us to deliver again and again.  

Aside from the basics of insurances and liabilities, when choosing a fit-out company, look for a team that goes beyond just installation. Working with a company like Chisholm & Winch, that truly cares about its projects, and its people, will ensure successful project delivery.